Games have always been an important aspect of recreation for people of all ages and gender. Initially, people looked at it as a step towards associating with others. Eventually, it stayed on only for an entertaining purpose. People started enjoying it or were rather contented merely watching others plays or just watching it on television sets. Video games started gaining popularity. This paved the way for a gaming rig more commonly known as gaming computer or even a gaming PC. This system has been customized for gamers to enjoy their favorite activity to the maximum.

A Gaming rig is very much like the regular PCs, the one thing that separates a regular computer from a gaming computer is the addition of hardware that can handle the requirements of games and their graphics.

Older computers that were designed for gaming had very distinctive components that made the differences fairly obvious. As games evolved, and as more and more features needed supporting, a lot of this technology was integrated into the processors and motherboards.

Since gaming needed a computer to not only have crystal clear images but also high-quality sound, parts like sound cards began to be added to systems. Now, sound cards are integrated into a motherboard.

Around 2012 many gamers started customizing their PCs or were getting the custom build PC more suitable for their gaming purpose. Custom building PC had its own advantages like budget control and easy upgradability.

Various components like the CPUs, memory, a motherboard, Video cards, Solid-state drives, Power supplies, etc must be considered when building a gaming rig.

Features of a gaming rig:

  1. Graphics Cards: is the key requisite for any gaming computer. After all, it is the graphics that play a key part in alluring the gamer to a particular game. The graphics cards of today are connected to the motherboard using something known as the PCI Express.
  2. Processors or more commonly termed as the CPU (Central Processing Unit) is also a key component of the gaming rig.
  3. A motherboard is the key piece of a computer’s hardware. Without it, the rest will just be disjointed bits of electronics. It helps to manage the output and input connections. There are different shapes and sizes of motherboards. Typically, a gaming system uses an ATX motherboard. The advantage of using this motherboard is the fact that its size lets a user expand it in case their requirements change. Since gaming requires a lot of memory and hardware dedicated to being able to handle the heavy load on the computer, most of these motherboards can overclock – that is, they can enhance the speed of the system and support a large amount of memory as well.
  4. Storage of data, or memory is an integral part of computers. When a computer has a larger memory, the processor is able to function accurately and quickly. A gaming computer has the memory that caters to both data and graphics. A graphics-oriented memory is essential to the operation of graphic cards.
  5. Solid-state drives (SSD) are a recent development in data storage. It doesn;’t mean the good old hard disk drives are out of use.
  6. Overheating is a problem with any machine. In order for any high-performance machine to function optimally, it needs to be allowed to cool as well. However, with gaming systems, this could be a little difficult as gamers usually don’t want to stop their gaming to give their machines a rest. There are two ways in which to cool a gaming system – cooling by air and cooling by water. Air cooling is the more common among the two and is preferred.

Advantages and disadvantages of a gaming rig over a gaming laptop

A gaming rig is preferred over a gaming laptop as it is cheaper, easy to upgrade. However, there are disadvantages like no portability, more space requirement, higher power consumption and also needs a lot of additional cooling.

Gaming has always been a craze amongst the younger generation. With the advent of laptops, PC gamers are not restricted to desktops to play their favorite games. There is a huge market for gaming laptops and the laptop giants such as Dell, Toshiba Sony is cashing by providing options in various price ranges, varying capabilities. While a good graphic card, superior processor strength, and a good RAM are indispensable, some of the features that can actually add to the experience are as follows:

  • Video Memory- How much video memory is good enough? It is a question, the answer to which has never been easy and straight. It will automatically depend on the games that you play and how much of video memory is used whilst playing the games. Many gamers are now using monitoring tools to understand usage. However, this is not of much use because these tools provide information about video memory allocation at the Operating system levels. The GPU driver determines the usage of video memory in Direct 3D games. On a safer side, with resolutions of 4k or below, cards with 4GB will work adequately.
  • Display- The energy spent on equipping a laptop will be wasted if your device does not have the best visual effect. For this you consider various options like Resolution, whether it’s a touch screen, a preference for a matte or glossy look, OLED which is the Organic light emitting Diodes(thinner, power efficient panels which give brighter colors).
  • Portability- On a general note, the more high-end or powerful laptop is, the less portable it is. What you should do is to figure out how much portability is required. Minimal Portability: If you are not planning to move around with your laptop much (movement being limited to between rooms in your house), you should definitely consider a 17”-18” display.
    Medium Portability: A system that weighs 4.2 pounds to about 7.5 pounds, with a display of 15 inches is convenient if you are planning to carry it around a bit more. It will last about 5 hours after charging.
    Maximum Portability: If you are always on the move, it is best to go with a 13”-14” display laptop like a Razer Blade or an Alienware13R3 OLED. They will weigh under 5 pounds and possibly a better battery life.
  • Keyboards and Touchpads- Keyboards and touchpads need to be strong while at the same time not be uncomfortable to the touch. While you will research other specs and invest heavily in those, what should not be ignored are keyboards. You will be hitting those keys with quite a bit of force every time games are being played. It is important to consider the quality, depth of the keys and if customizing is possible. And for a good gaming laptop, always consider a backlit keyboard.
  • Audio- The sound of a game is as (or maybe) more important than the visuals. Typically, headsets are used as far as laptops are concerned, but the laptop should have good speakers to allow you to enjoy the audio of the games. Nahimic Audio speakers are rated one of the best as far as surround sound is concerned.

Eventually what is important is to have a basic understanding of the budget and the kind of games that you will be playing. Once that is done, you can go about picking the specs that actually suit both and come up with your own customized laptop for gaming.

A gaming laptop is a mobile counterpart of a gaming computer. Though the configuration is more or less similar to the regular laptops, there are slight changes to attract the gamers. It is generally more expensive, flashy with colorful designs and powerful components more suitable for gaming purpose. The most obvious differences include their cooling mechanism, keyboards and the overall design of the laptop.

Features of a gaming laptop:

  1. Portability: In general a gaming laptop is less portable compared to the regular laptop as it is heavier. This is because it has larger batteries, dual fan layout and other features more specific to gamers. The basic observation is gamers are not really troubled by the portability feature because for them it might be just moving around in the same room.
  2. Better Cooling Systems: A gaming laptop is made to resist high heat levels so that it does not let the user feel uneasy especially in the palm rest area. Manufacturers of gaming laptops mostly choose to employ better fans for cooling and also provide many vents for continuous airflow.
  3. Graphics Card: The main appealing feature of a gaming laptop that attracts gamers is its graphics. A graphic card is a piece of hardware that helps data be transformed into images. This can be a long-drawn process when playing games, and if you are thinking of buying a gaming laptop then the one thing you need to get is a laptop that has a memory dedicated to graphics.
  4. Display: the gaming laptop should have a screen to support the graphics. For this purpose, a resolution of 1920 * 1080 in minimum is required.
  5. Keyboard: The keyboard is also another important feature of the gaming laptop. The keyboard should not only look good but should also be easy and comfortable to use.  A good keyboard should be backlit and should be very sensitive to touch or pressure without causing discomfort to the user.

Backlit Keyboard:

As its name suggests, a backlit keyboard is a keyboard whose keys are illuminated to facilitate viewing where lighting is insufficient or in dark conditions. For this reason, most of the gamers prefer this type of keyboard to the regular keyboard though they are generally more expensive. Like the movie theater, the gaming environment also, in general, are less illuminated not only for aesthetic reasons but to enhance the graphics. Usually, having a backlit keyboard indicates that one is using a more advanced or better laptop.

The basic advantages of using a backlit keyboard would be that one does not have to depend on the lighting of the surrounding. Even if the lighting is not consistent that is if it is poorly lit or there is no lighting at all one can safely continue to work with the help of backlit keyboards. However, the key concern would be the cost (when compared to a regular keyboard). The other disadvantage would be the battery life. Backlit keyboards use up a lot of the laptop’s battery. However, for gamers who usually run their laptops regularly while it is plugged in this may not be a problem, but for an outgoing person who needs battery power frequently, he will end up with restricted use time making his already expensive gaming laptop not very useful.