A Backlit Keyboard Is The Best For A Gaming Laptop

A gaming laptop is a mobile counterpart of a gaming computer. Though the configuration is more or less similar to the regular laptops, there are slight changes to attract the gamers. It is generally more expensive, flashy with colorful designs and powerful components more suitable for gaming purpose. The most obvious differences include their cooling mechanism, keyboards and the overall design of the laptop.

Features of a gaming laptop:

  1. Portability: In general a gaming laptop is less portable compared to the regular laptop as it is heavier. This is because it has larger batteries, dual fan layout and other features more specific to gamers. The basic observation is gamers are not really troubled by the portability feature because for them it might be just moving around in the same room.
  2. Better Cooling Systems: A gaming laptop is made to resist high heat levels so that it does not let the user feel uneasy especially in the palm rest area. Manufacturers of gaming laptops mostly choose to employ better fans for cooling and also provide many vents for continuous airflow.
  3. Graphics Card: The main appealing feature of a gaming laptop that attracts gamers is its graphics. A graphic card is a piece of hardware that helps data be transformed into images. This can be a long-drawn process when playing games, and if you are thinking of buying a gaming laptop then the one thing you need to get is a laptop that has a memory dedicated to graphics.
  4. Display: the gaming laptop should have a screen to support the graphics. For this purpose, a resolution of 1920 * 1080 in minimum is required.
  5. Keyboard: The keyboard is also another important feature of the gaming laptop. The keyboard should not only look good but should also be easy and comfortable to use.  A good keyboard should be backlit and should be very sensitive to touch or pressure without causing discomfort to the user.

Backlit Keyboard:

As its name suggests, a backlit keyboard is a keyboard whose keys are illuminated to facilitate viewing where lighting is insufficient or in dark conditions. For this reason, most of the gamers prefer this type of keyboard to the regular keyboard though they are generally more expensive. Like the movie theater, the gaming environment also, in general, are less illuminated not only for aesthetic reasons but to enhance the graphics. Usually, having a backlit keyboard indicates that one is using a more advanced or better laptop.

The basic advantages of using a backlit keyboard would be that one does not have to depend on the lighting of the surrounding. Even if the lighting is not consistent that is if it is poorly lit or there is no lighting at all one can safely continue to work with the help of backlit keyboards. However, the key concern would be the cost (when compared to a regular keyboard). The other disadvantage would be the battery life. Backlit keyboards use up a lot of the laptop’s battery. However, for gamers who usually run their laptops regularly while it is plugged in this may not be a problem, but for an outgoing person who needs battery power frequently, he will end up with restricted use time making his already expensive gaming laptop not very useful.