5 Record Breaking Shooter PC Games of 2016

2016 saw a great competition to be the best in PC games and at the same time, there was a clash of the titans that happened when it was time to determine the five most record breaking games of the year. There was competition and how?

The games here won with minute margin and these are the games that made a clear mark with their competitive advantage.

The dominating genre:

The scene in 2016 was dominated by the category of the games that belonged to the shooter genre and there were just too many. The best ones survived and the others did a fairly good job of being there. There are takers for everything. But here we are concerned only about the top five record breaking ones. So shall we start?


Cool dude game director Jeff Kaplan saws his expertise in creating a universe where there are robots and battlefronts all complete with shooters and quasi-shooters. This attractive game has caught the fancy of all the players who even tried playing it once. The player who is the protagonist has to save his universe from the attackers. It has been wonderfully received and can be categorized as a bench mark in gaming history.


Gearbox, the company that is famed for creating some of the well-received games in the previous years is up to some magic in this year too. This comical version of a universe PC game involves the competing players to battle and their objective is to save their universe’s last living star.


Set in the 20th century, the game is set during the time of the first world war. The premise of the game is that gunpowder has been banned from being used in the war and the soldiers must only fight using nonfiring arms. Up to 32 players can battle online and together as a team.

The animation is a class apart and the players use medieval kind of weaponry in order to win and that constitutes the fun part.


This one is set in a futuristic world where players have super human qualities and abilities to combat and fight. Each of the characters is the game has a unique character role to play and an ability that is only unique to them. The weaponry is of two kinds the normal ones and the fire ones. There is a lot of fun and comic element in the game where the characters are in no gravity zone and they can jump and leap about in the air!


It teased the enthusiasts a lot by making them eagerly wait for it. It involves warrior characters, angels, and tanks with few guys insanely pumping bullets and characters like Twinblast, Steel, Sparrow and Grux.

The game released on PC and PS4 had its players glued to it for months and still asking for more. The competitiveness of the game gives a great high and there is hardly any other game competing with it in this genre at all.

Free games vs. bought ones:

The year that was 2016 was an eventful year where the “for charge” games gave a great competition to the free ones and a run for their money. It only goes to show that the real value of the game is in its quality and not in its price tag.